About Marine Rescue NSW


The NSW Government announced in November 2008 the establishment of a new volunteer marine rescue organisation to be called Marine Rescue NSW.

The formation of the new body, which was the main conclusion of the John Price report into the volunteer marine rescue movement, was jointly announced by Ports and Waterways Minister Joe Tripodi and the Minister for Emergency Services, Tony Kelly.

NSW currently has had for many years three voluntary marine rescue organisations, with an assortment of vessels, operational bases and hundreds of volunteers.

The Price Report considered their structures, adequacy and sustainability and recommended the establishment of a new rescue group, with membership to be invited from the existing three volunteer organisations.

Ninety-three per cent of almost 800 submissions to the inquiry supported the creation of a new marine rescue group.

The Hon Diane Beamer MP was named as chair of a Facilitation Group to begin the implementation of NSW Marine Rescue with a transitional period of 2 years.

The NSW Government provided $3 million towards establishing the new organisation and maintained NSW Maritime’s annual funding of $1.35 million during this transition period.

The submissions to the Price Report expressed support for ongoing government involvement in marine rescue through the NSW Police, NSW Maritime and the State Rescue Board. Submissions also called for greater recognition of the work of volunteers.

Membership to the new body was invited from the three existing organisations: (1) Australian Volunteer Coast Guard, (2) Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol and (3) Volunteer Rescue Association.

The State Government acknowledges and values the contribution of the volunteers over many years and the new organisation will see that contributions continue well into the future for the benefit of the boating community.

Marine Rescue Lake Macquarie was formed through the merger of Australian Volunteer Coast Guard Swansea and Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol at Pelican in January 2011. The Merger has created an improved service to the NSW boating public.