The Marine Rescue App

The MarineRescue App makes it easier than ever for boaters to stay safe on NSW waters. It’s the only App that connects you directly to Marine Rescue NSW. 

In just a few minutes, you can Log On with Marine Rescue NSW and be on your way, knowing someones watching out for you. 

When you Log On with us, we know where your heading and when you're due to return, so we can quickly start a search if you're not safely back when expected.

You can choose for us to track your journey so we know where to start looking in an emergency. The App is a great addition to your marine radio and EPIRB in your safety toolkit.

The MarineRescue App also gives you:

  • Local tide, weather and sea conditions

  • Your latitude/longitude position coordinates

  • Boat ramp locations and popular fishing spots

  • A safety checklist for before you head out

  • Emergency call procedures

  • Information on Marine Rescue NSW


Click here to learn how to use the MarineRescue App

Click here to download the MarineRescue App guide

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Download the free MarineRescue App from the App Store for Apple phones and tablets and Google play for Android devices.

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