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One of the most important safety acts a mariner should undertake before going on the water is to advise someone responsible of their trip details. The ability to communicate with others in times of emergency is, probably, the most important tool for the Safety of Life at Sea.

MRNSW operates a state wide computer offshore/local waters tracking system, which Marine Rescue Lake Macquarie uses to log your details and monitor your progress and safe arrival at your destination. In order to carry out a Search and Rescue, should that be required, we need a lot of information about you and your vessel. After your initial logon, the system will retain most of your information, but each time you call to log on, our operators will ask for your registration number and check that the vessel is on the computer. This is time consuming but must be done, as many vessels have the same name. The registration number is unique.

Smart skippers can avoid the above and show their support for their local Marine Rescue Unit by joining the Radio Club scheme which gives them a unique call sign. This call sign tells us that your details are on the computer, have been checked and updated at time of joining and when your membership is renewed each year, and therefore have no need to check, and thus speeding up logon and logoff communications. Of course the variables such as “people on board”, “destination” and “ETA” /”ETR” will always need to be confirmed.

When we assist a vessel, we invite the owner to make a donation to cover our costs, as a Radio Club member you will not be asked for a donation.  It’s like an insurance policy.

All local boat owners are urged to join the Radio Club. The application form requests full details of your vessel, home address and a land-based contact in the event you are overdue at your destination. We then know what type of vessel we are looking for and whom to advise when we have ascertained you are safe.

All information remains confidential to Marine Rescue except in an emergency when co-operation and support is co-ordinated by the NSW Water Police.


Call Marine Rescue Lake Macquarie on the radio using your “Hunter” call sign, and the operator will register your details each time you venture onto the water by recording:

•    How many people are on-board
•    Where you are going
•    When you will be back
•    Confirm your mobile phone number has not changed and is on board.

All personal details are already held in-house and do not have to be transmitted over the radio.


This important safety feature means that, if you do not log off by the nominated time, we institute predetermined search procedures for you. This is an important feature of our service. Just call the nearest radio base to amend your ETA/ETR if you know you will be late.


To access the application/renewal form, please click here. Print off a copy, complete the details requested and post, together with a cheque or money order for $40 (1 year subscription) to:

The Radio Club Officer

Marine Rescue Lake Macquarie

PO Box 101

Swansea NSW 2281.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Alternatively you can pay electronically by closing this page and clicking on ‘Payments’ under the RADIO CLUB heading on the right hand side.


If you need further assistance, please contact the Radio Base on Telephone: (02) 4971 3498

Please note:
This Radio Club registration is for mariners in the LAKE MACQUARIE REGION ONLY.

Persons outside this region should contact their local Marine Rescue base for details of the local Radio Club Service. However once registered your call sign can be used anywhere in NSW.