Thirty Years Service Rewarded

 Neil Grieves-Icon2

At the May Meeting of Marine Rescue Lake Macquarie in front of his fellow members  Neil Grieves was presented with a 30 Year Long Service Medal by Stacey Tannos the Commissioner of Marine Rescue NSW.

Neil Grieves has given 30 years service in a Rescue Unit to the boating community of Lake Macquarie. Neil originally joined Coast Guard Swansea and has spent countless hours either at the helm of its rescue vessels in all types of weather or behind the radio giving advice and guidance to the boating community. He served two terms as Commander of the Swansea Base. His experience and guidance is appreciated by all who serve with him.

Neil is currently a member of Marine Rescue Lake Macquarie and regularly does a shift as Duty Skipper. He is also Marine Rescue NSW’s, Regional Coordinator for the Hunter and Central Coast Units. In this role he is the liaison between the seven units and Head Office in addition he coordinates any response by the Units to any major boating accident or incident on the water..

Neil’s other passion is fishing and he is a long time member of the Lake Macquarie Game Fishing Club. At any of the competitions he can be found in the radio truck handling the radio traffic of the competitors. He along with Lyndy also provides radio support for Game Fishing Competitions up and down the coast many of which results in donations to Marine Rescue Lake Macquarie.

Neil is well supported by his lovely wife Lyndy who along with his family were at the presentation of his medal. In his speech Neil thanked his wife and family for their support and strength.

Well done Neil.