*NOTE: The prefix “THE” has been omitted from the alphabetical list to allow faster identification of localities. Eg. The Norah Head Canyons are listed simply as Norah Head Canyons. These co-ordinates should not be used for navigation purposes as accuracy cannot be guaranteed.

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‘Advance’ Wreck 33o 10.84’S 151o 42.20’E Wreck of the Tug Boat ‘Advance’
Bait Grounds 33o 04.04’S 151o 09.02’E
Bar Beach 32o 56.14’S 151o 46.70’E
Big Red Reef 32o 51.57’S 152o 12.31’E
Big Sand Hills 32o 48.63’S 151o 01.31’E
Bird Island East 33o 13.92’S 151o 36.28’E
Boiler Ground 33o 14.6’S 151o 35.60’E Off Birdie Beach NNE of Norah Head
Bull, The Just NE of Norah Head
Birubi Wide 33o 50.51’S 152o 04.57’E
Blacksmith’s Bait 33o 04.91’S 151o 39.59’E
Bubbles, The 32o 51.01’S 152o 04.31’E
Canyon, Inner (Newcastle) 33o 06.00’S 152o 25.20’E
Canyon, Outer (Newcastle) 33o 08.00’S 152o 28.70’E
Carl’s Reef 32o 51.14’S 151o 56.24’E
Car Park, The 33o 20.0’S 152o 25.0’E
Catherine Hill Bay Reef 33o 09.90’S 151o 38.20’E 27m deep
Catherine Hill Bay (Wreck) 33o 10.32’S 151o 42.13’E
Caves Beach 33o 06.72’S 151o 39.70’E
Caves, The 33o 11.6’S 151o 38.0’E
Cunning Reef (Middle) 33o 19.0’S 151o 37.6’E
Cunning Reef (North End) 33o 18.2’S 151o 37.6’E
Cunning Reef (South End) 33o 22.2’S 151o 35.4’E
‘Cygna’ Wreck 32o 51.74’S 151o 50.75’E On Stockton Beach
Doctor’s Reef 33o 14.3’S 151o 39.5’E Between Bird Island & Wybung Head
Drop off Ground 33o 16.6’S 151o 36’E NE of Norah Head at 40m contour
Dudley 32o 58.24’S 151o 45.14’E
Dudley North 32o 53.70’S 151o 43.73’E
Dumping Ground 32o 56.99’S 151o 49.25’E
Entrance, Newcastle Harbour 32o 54.39’S 151o 50.12’E
Entrance, Swansea Channel 33o 05.08’S 151o 39.93’E
F.A.D. (off Catherine Hill Bay) 33o 10.00’S 151o 48.98’E Lit. Fl.Y 5s. 9.2NM from Swansea
F.A.D. (Fisheries @ Newcastle) 32o 53.33’S 151o 59.93’E
F.A.D. (Off Terrigal) 33o 30.03’S 151o 38.59’E
Farm, Catherine Hill Bay 33o 10.66’S 151o 49.52’E
Farm, Catherine Hill Bay 2 33o 10.69’S 151o 49.52’E
Farm, Catherine Hill Bay 3 33o 11.38’S 151o 49.33’E
Farm, Inner 33o 09.02’S 151o 46.92’E
Farm No. 1 33o 09.04’S 151o 49.10’E
Farm No. 2 33o 10.56’S 151o 49.38’E
Farm No. 3 33o 09.04’S 151o 49.13’E
Farm No. 4 33o 09.06’S 151o 49.15’E
Farm, North East 33o 07.55’S 151o 43.08’E
Farm, The 33o 08.95’S 151o 49.14’E
Faulkin’s 33o 17.22’S 151o 46.44’E
First Traps 33o 17.12’S 151o 37.58’E 43m deep
Green Hills 33o 18.3’S 151o 34.2’E SSW of Norah Head
Half Way 32o 54.21’S 151o 49.73’E
Harvey Inner 32o 50.16’S 152o 00.24’E
Harvey Outer 32o 50.32’S 152o 00.00’E
Jewell’s Beach 33o 01.92’S 151o 43.02’E
Jewhole 33o 00.50’S 151o 44.85’E Near Redhead
Jewhole (Inside) West of Bird Island
Lake Macquarie (Entrance) 33o 05.01’S 151o 39.93’E
Lake Macquarie Tyre Reef 33o 03.84’S 151o 37.61’E
Macquarie’s Reef 33o 03.82’S 151o 37.16’E
Mawson Breakwater 33o 07.35’S 151o39.37’E
Merewether 32o 56.46’S 151o 45.70’E Beach
Middle Reef 33o 15.6’S 151o 42.6’E Half way between Norah Hd & Bird Is
Moon Island 33o 05.60’S 151o 40.46’E
Moon Island Reef 33o 05.06’S 151o 40.35’E
Moon Island Wreck 33o 05.53’S 151o 43.45’E
Motor Mouth 32o 52.48’S 151o 56.09’E
Mudhole Reef 32o 52.66’S 151o 50.58’E
‘Nerong’ Wreck Due East of Norah Head (Pelican Pt)
Newcastle Gravel 32o 53.00’S 151o 54.30’E
Newcastle Harbour Entrance 32o 54.90’S 151o 48.00’E
Newcastle Inner Canyon 33o 06.00’S 152o 25.20’E
Newcastle Outer Canyon 33o 08.00’S 152o 28.70’E
Newcastle Wide 32o 56.31’S 152o 08.49’E
Norah Head 33o 17.00’S 151o 25.40’E
Norah Canyons 33o 21.76’S 152o 07.70’E
Norah Canyons 2 33o 18.04’S 152o 12.31’E
Norah Head Canyons (Mid) 33o 17.10’S 152o 19.00’E Extends to 33o 19.20’S/ 152o 13.00’E
Norah Head Canyons (North) 33o 14.40’S 152o 15.00’E Extends to 33o 15.60’S/152o 17.20’E
Norah Head Canyons (South) 33o 21.71’S 152o 08.13’E Extends to 33o 26.50’S/152o 14.00’E
North Bank 33o 12.6’S 151o 44.7’E
North Reef 32o 53.84’S 151o 51.00’E
North CRP 32o 54.10’S 151o 50.50’E
Old barges 32o 52.35’S 151o 54.85’E
Outer Port Mark 32o 54.82’S 151o 48.82’E Newcastle Harbour Entrance
Paddle Wheel 32o 55.33’S 151o 54.80E
Paddy’s Reef 33o 15.9’S 151o 35.2’E
Pines, The 32o 55.26’S 151o 50.12’E
Pines, The (nr Norah Head) 33o 15.4’S 151o 39.5’E
Pogonoski’s 32o 58.36’S 151o 45.09’E
Pot Hole 33o 05.57’S 151o 43.38’E 45m deep
Pro Grounds 33o 15.71’S 151o 48.56’E
Redhead 33o 01.07’S 151o 44.20’E
Redhead Close (Inshore) 33o 00.71’S 151o 44.04’E
Redhead Gravel 33o 01.45’S 151o 44.19’E Off Redhead Surf Club
Redhead Pinnacle 33o 02.12’S 151o 43.59’E
Redhead Wide 33o 02.13’S 151o 43.34’E
Red Ochre 33o 12.8’S 151o 36.9’E
Red’s 33o 09.13’S 151o 39.30’E 30m deep. Catherine Hill Bay
Rommel’s Reef 32o 50.00’S 152o 03.64’E
Sandy Hill 32o 46.63’S 152o 01.32’E
Shallows, The 33o 19.2’S 151o 34.2’E Off Pelican Point nr Norah Head
Shark Fin Reef 33o 10.96’S 151o 45.36’E
Short Shot 32o 55.29’S 152o 02.54’E
Soldier’s Point Directly below Norah Head
South Bank 33o 22.2’S 151o 39.4’E
South CRP 32o 54.70’S 151o 49.30’E
Southern Canyons 33o 21.71’S 152o 08.13’E Extends to 33o26.50’S/152o.14.00’E
Sponge Gardens 32o 57.16’S 151o 52.31’E
Steps, The 32o 57.52’S 151o 45.58’E
Stones, The 32o 51.00’S 152o 04.81’E
Surf Club Gravel 33o 02.09’S 151o 43.31’E Off Redhead Surf Club
Swansea Boat Ramp 33o 04.98’S 151o 39.01’E
Swansea Entrance 33o 05.08’S 151o 39.93’E
Swansea Gravel 33o 05.57’S 151o 43.38’E
Tank Mark 33o 14.3’S 151o 36.9’E
Tank, The 32o 52.35’S 151o 54.95’E
Texas Reef 33o 24.26’S 151o 46.09’E
Tillagary Sands 32o 50.73’S 151o 58.86’E
Tom’s Mark 32o 59.64’S 151o 45.23’E 30 metre deep
Top of Shot 32o 53.93’S 152o 04.56’E Extends to 32o 54.15’S/152o 06.50’E
Trap Line (60 metre) 60m line (1/2 Wybung & Norah Hds)
Trap Line (80 metre) 80m line (1/2 Wybung & Norah Hds)
Trap Reef 33o 18.30’S 151o 35.8’E
Traps, 1st 33o 17.12’S 151o 37.58’E
Uralla 32o 49.23’S 152o 03.54’E
Uralla Wide 32o 50.44’S 152o 03.57’E Extends to 32o 50.62’S/152o 00.43’E
Wreck, The 33o 10.84’S 151o 42.20’E ‘Advance’ wreck
Wybung 33o 11.04’S 151o 37.05’E
Wybung Head 33o 11.95’S 151o 37.50’E
Yarra Yarra 32o 54.29’S 151o 48.03’E