LM 30 Crew Training

MR Lake Macquarie's LM30 crew assisting a capsized runabout

Blue Ringed Octopus

Blue Ringed Octopus - BEWARE


Catalina "Black Cat" lands on Lake Macquarie"

Radio Base

Working at the Radio Base

Sunset Spray

Sunset through the spray


Rainbow over the Radio Base - well almost!


Myuna Bay - before political correctness went mad


Helo training

The Office

View from our Office

Washing Machine

Moon Island washing machine

Heaven Can Wait Charity Regatta

HCW Cheque

Yesterday we received a large donation from the Heaven Can Wait Charity Sailing Regatta.

We are enormously grateful to receive this donation and are always honoured to be part of the event.

The regatta raises funds for the Cancer Council and a small amount of funds also go to Marine Rescue Lake Macquarie for providing on water support. This year was the 10th anniversary of the race and they raised $38,000. The Cancer Council received a cheque for $33,000 and MRLM received $5000. Our Unit Commander Jim Wright gratefully accepted the donation from Shaun Lewicki, who started this campaign 10 years ago following the death of his father from cancer.

More information here >> Heaven Can Wait Race Entry 2017