LM 30 Crew Training

MR Lake Macquarie's LM30 crew assisting a capsized runabout

Blue Ringed Octopus

Blue Ringed Octopus - BEWARE


Catalina "Black Cat" lands on Lake Macquarie"

Radio Base

Working at the Radio Base

Sunset Spray

Sunset through the spray


Rainbow over the Radio Base - well almost!


Myuna Bay - before political correctness went mad


Helo training

The Office

View from our Office

Washing Machine

Moon Island washing machine

Port RadioRadio Club PAYMENTSStartboard Radio

Marine Rescue appreciates your support, and acknowledges that besides the benefits of membership of easier logon/logoff procedures and not being asked for a donation when we assist you, that your motivation is to support us in our fund raising activities. You can pay here by credit card through the PayPal Pay Now button below or you can do an EFT using the details provided below.

In either case:

  • If you are an EXISTING MEMBER please ensure your Membership Name and Radio Club HUNTER Number are entered in the "Descriptions" area
  • If you are a NEW MEMBER please ensure your Name and NEW RADIO CLUB MEMBER are entered in the "Descriptions" area

Please also note the method of payment at the bottom of the application/renewal form, without which we will not be able to track your payment.

Of course you can still attach a cheque, you have choices.

Click the button below and you will be directed to a secure PayPal site to Pay your Radio Club fees.

EFT Details

BSB: 032 510

Account No: 209900

Contact The Radio Club Officer below

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Thank you for your support