Obtain your VHF Marine Radio Licence

Radio Use

Marine Rescue Lake Macquarie can help you with obtaining a VHF licence. It is an inexpensive exercise, especially if you help yourself. Click on “Office of Maritime Communications.”

From here you can view the Marine Radio Operators Handbook on-line or order one, costs are shown here then click the AMC Handbooks menu item to order your selected manual. Navigate to the revision section at the bottom of the handbooks page, select the revision section of choice and repeat the questions as many times as you need to become proficient, then contact our Radio Base (we are open 24/7) on 4971 3498. Provide your contact details and advise us that you are ready to sit the VHF licence exam.

We will obtain the exam, arrange a mutually convenient time & date then we will invigilate the exam for you.

Currently the cost of the exam and perpetual licence (no annual fee) is $83, payable to AMC. In the interests of boating safety, Marine Rescue Lake Macquarie does not charge for this service, however a donation would be most welcome.